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A painting by the artist

A painting by the artist

A painting by the artist

You are on the official website of the Ukrainian artist Volodymyr Lypovyy. Here you can get acquainted with his biography and exhibitions; here you can also see the monumental paintings of the artist. Have a great day, thank you for visiting, and welcome to!

Volodymyr Petrovich Lypovyy, an official member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists, was born and lives in Lviv. He paints paintings of the following types: religious (Christian), historic, interior paintings to decorate working offices, living, and cultural premises.

Artist is interested in organizing the exhibitions of his works to spiritually enrich people, in selling his pictures, in creating compositions on the order, and in leasing the artworks. You can contact the artist via the contact page of this website or by meeting him personally.

Biography of Artist Volodymyr Lypovyy

1950         - Was born on 25th February in Lviv (a Ukrainian city)
1962-1966 - Studied at the Lviv Art School (teachers: Roman Turyn, Myhaylo Dobronravov, Yaroslav Zakharchyshyn)

1967-1972 - Studied at the Lviv Institute of Arts (today the Lviv Academy of Arts; teachers Dmytro Krvavych, Volodymyr Ovsiychuk, Volodymyr Cherkasov, Laslo Pushkash, Andriy Bokotey)

1972-1974 - Worked as a teacher of the Lviv College of Arts named after Ivan Trush
1975-1988 - Worked as a instructor of the arts at the Department of Drawing and Painting of the Lviv Politechnic Institute

1989-1998 - Worked as instructor of drawing at the Lviv Academy of Arts
1998-2010 - Worked as the consulting artist at the Lviv Association "Tvorchist" ("Creative Work")

Exhibitions of Artist Volodymyr Lypovyy "Ukraine in the Heart"

27.11.1992-24.01.1993 - The Lviv National Museum
06.09.1993-28.10.1993 - "Italian Yard" at the Lviv Historical Museum
02.11.1993-21.11.1993 - Exhibition center "Ukrainian House" in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine)

14.07.1994-25.10.1994 - The Lviv Museum "Arsenal"
01.11.1994-20.12.1994 - The Ivano-Frankivsk Region Museum
22.12.1994-25.12.1994 - The Ukrainian House in Gdansk (a Polish city), Poland

05.01.1995-02.02.1995 - The Ternopil' Region Museum
16.02.1995-01.06.1995 - The Vinnitsa Region Museum
31.05.1995-30.06.1995 - The Lviv Arts Saloon "Gothic Hall"

20.07.1995-12.09.1995 - The Chercassy Arts Museum
19.09.1995-20.10.1995 - The Kharkiv Arts Museum
24.10.1995-27.11.1995 - The Zaporizzia Arts Museum

01.12.1995-08.01.1996 - The Donets'ka Oblast' Region Museum
17.01.1996-27.03.1996 - The Lugans'ka Oblast' Region Museum
03.04.1996-08.08.1996 - The Stakhanov Town Historical Museum in Lugans'ka Oblast'

14.08.1996-10.01.1997 - The Dnipropetrovsk State Historical Museum named after D.Yavornitsky
21.01.1997-20.03.1997 - The Kirovograd Arts Museum named after O.Osmierkin
26.03.1997-05.05.1997 - The Kherson Arts Museum named after O.Shovkoonenko

05.06.1997-04.08.1997 - The Mykolayiv Arts Museum named after V.Vereshchagin
24.08.1997-22.11.1997 - The Odessa Region Historical Museum
14.12.1997-18.05.1998 - The Crimea Region Historical Museum in Simferopol'

21.06.1998-15.11.1998 - The Reserve-Museum "Zolochiv Castle" in Lvivs'ka Oblast'
06.12.1998-26.02.1999 - The police force garrison in Zolochiv, Lvivs'ka Oblast'
17.03.1999-20.04.1999 - Arts Palace "Cristal" in Novoyavorivsk, Lvivs'ka Oblast'

22.04.1999-05.05.1999 - Arts School named after M.Verbitsky in Yavoriv, Lvivs'ka Oblast'
08.05.1999-15.06.1999 - The club of the tank regiment in Yavoriv, Lvivs'ka Oblast'
02.07.1999-14.09.1999 - The Striy Region Museum "Verkhovyna" in Lvivs'ka Oblast'

19.09.1999-30.10.1999 - The Paintings Gallery Museum "Drogobytchyna" in Lvivs'ka Oblast'
07.11.1999-06.12.1999 - The Michailo Bilus Museum in Truskavets'
12.12.1999-10.04.2000 - Museum "Boykivshchina" in Sambir, Lvivs'ka Oblast'

23.04.2000-23.06.2000 - The Region History Museum in Borislav, Lvivs'ka Oblast'
25.06.2000-27.06.2000 - Museum "Sokalshchina" in Chervonograd, Lvivs'ka Oblast'
06.06.2000-20.07 2000 - The Lviv Arts Palace (combined exhibition with the artist's daughter Ganna Lypovyy-Galyshych)

14.10.2001-20.01.2002 - The Military Institute of the Lviv University "Lvivs'ka Polytechnika"
29.01.2001-20.08.2002 - The Lviv Military College named after the Crut Heroes
24.08.2002-26.02.2003 - Museum "Arsenal" of the Lviv History Museum

20.08.2010-20.09.2010 - The Lviv History Museum; exhibition "Dominus illuminatio mea"
26.03.2011 -25.07.2011 - The Lvivs'ka Oblast' department of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists; exhibition "Dominus illuminatio mea"

01.04.2012-30.04.2012 - The Lviv Gallery "Shtuka"; exhibition "Prima Inter Pares"
01.05.2012-20.10.2012 - The Arts Saloon "Goutic Hall", located in Lviv, sq. Rinok 6; exhibition "Prima Inter Pares"

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