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"Thank you very much for extraordinarily positive impressions from the examined artworks. Your paintings gift gladness and light in our souls... Wishing you inspiration in creating new works of the high art."

The City of Kharkiv

"Very beautiful, unusual, bright, impressive!!! Thanks a lot for the minutes of joy and warmth, which we received from seeing your paintings! Thank you!!!"

Zhukova Elena, The City of Omsk
Russia, 13.09.2010

"What dominates in the paintings of Vladymyr Lypovyy is a symbolic ontological factor of structurally implementing the internal idea of his artworks in combination with deep perceptible vision of the same idea. That is, his paintings are the compositions of monumental idealistic plan in which the history of Ukraine is presented not as a line of single events, but as symbolic unity of summary historical events, those described by the means of epos and the language of the Bible, where the history of our old times is shown not as tragic chronicle of the national sufferings but as the Bible of the Ukrainian People grandeur."

Dmytro Krvavich
People's Artist of Ukraine
Taras Shevchenko State Prize Winner
Professor of Lviv Academy of Art

"Fortunately, Volodymyr Lypovyy does not belong to Sisyphuses of totalitarian realism, whose work like the well-known stone rolled down with the rumble into nonexistence. The creative temperament of the artist, like a clean crystal spring of the mountain, led him through a difficult winding road of search and hard labour to his own vision and understanding of the surrounding world, formed and preserved the relief of his creative personality."

Boris Boojvol
Candidate of Philosophical Sciences

Ukraine in His Heart
"In modern Lviv painting with its diversity of styles Volodymyr Lypovyy's creative work is perceived by itself, as if standing apart. Having taken in a great number of traditional acquisitions of the Western Ukraine's art of the early XX century and refracted-them as if kaleidoscope this artist's creations acquired some new facets unseen before. His artistic thinking is characterized by inner emotions, confusion, concern and anxiety, sometimes want of faith. His scope of images and plots is very wide: here wee find landscapes and lyric painting, portraits and large scaled historical and epical canvases in which this artist strives to show our glorious past and thus to throw a bridge into a future. The master's starting point is an inner pivotal idea of composition. It is this very idea that bears conception of composition, dynamics of inner strain, colouting etc. We can follow main aesthetic lines of the artist's composition intention - philosophical reverie, epics and romanticism - features which we see in entirely new modern shapes modified by an up-to-date mode of thinking. The master shares his thoughts about most painful problems of our remote past and contemporary dynamic entity with us. The exposition is a sort of invitation to dialogues with a spectator. It calls our attention to the questions which are still to be answered. Volodymyr Lypovyy's creative word is rich, bright and intelligible, it excites us with its truthfulness passionate faith and depth of the master's creative idea."

Dmytro Krvavych
People's Artist of Ukraine
Taras Shevchenko State Prize Winner
Professor of Lviv Academy of Art

The visitor's opinion book was always available at the exhibitions, and the visitors could leave their written impression from what they saw. The artist also has a lot of positive newspaper articles and TV program videos about his paintings as a proof of his activity on the field of art.

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