Oil Paintings by Volodymyr Lypovyy

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An oil painting by Volodymyr Lypovyy

From this page you can see the oil paintings created by the Ukrainian artist Volodymyr Lypovyy. On this page each his painting is presented in a reduced size. You can click on the icon of a painting to see the artwork of the artist in a larger size.

All painings are painted in oil, and they are placed into galleries by topic. On this page the painting galleries are presented by the following topics: historical paintings, religious (Christian), creative, interior paintings on the objects. Please see the painting galleries below.

Painting Gallery on Historical Topic

Painting 1 historical    Painting 2 historical    Painting 3 historical    Painting 4 historical

Painting 5 historical    Painting 6 historical    Painting 7 historical    Painting 8 historical   The Next Gallery

The majority of the painting works on historical topic were created in the 70th and 80th years of the 20th century. The historical paintings, which were made on the order, were created at the beginning of the 21th century. The painting style continues the traditions of the Eastern European school.

Painting Gallery on Religious (Christian) Topic

Painting 1 religious Christian    Painting 2 religious Christian    Painting 3 religious Christian    Painting 4 religious Christian

Painting 5 religious Christian    Painting 6 religious Christian    Painting 7 religious Christian    Painting 8 religious Christian

Painting 9 religious Christian    Painting 10 religious Christian    Painting 11 religious Christian    Painting 12 religious Christian   The Next Gallery

The religious (Christian) paintings include 35 icons; created during 15 years. The name of exhibition "Dominus illuminatio mea" opens both the idea and contents of this Christian tour. The author's vision of the religion icon does not close the canonical principles of depicting the Bible thuths. The painting style inherits the traditions of Byzantium as well as the Italian painting of the Renaissance with some elements of the modern style.

Painting Gallery on Creative Topic

Painting 1 creative    Painting 2 creative    Painting 3 creative    Painting 4 creative

Painting 5 creative    Painting 6 creative    Painting 7 creative    Painting 8 creative    Painting 9 creative

Post-modernism is the basis of the creative paintings, in which the author's intention is incarnated in different styles; the latter underlines the paintings. Thematically, the creative paintings depict the beauty, gladness, and philosophy of the human life. Such an artistic approach to the creative paintings meets the needs of the modern interior and enriches its aesthetic appearance.

Painting Gallery on Interior on the Objects

Interior painting 1    Interior painting 2    Interior painting 3    Interior painting 4

Interior painting 5    Interior painting 6    Interior painting 7    Interior painting 8

You can see more paintings of V. Lypovyy on Arts.in.ua

The author's paintings in an interior of the bank and hotel premises are a warrant of his popularity both among the business elite and modern middle class representatives to decorate their places. The paintings on the order are painted in the terms in the accordance with the written agreements. The professionalism, high level of art, and originality are some of the traits of the artist's artworks.

Artist Volodymyr Lypovyy conducted 40 personal exhibitions for 20 years. The central part of the project "West-East" was his exhibition "Ukraine in the Heart" which included 150 paintings painted from 1976 to 1991 and which was shown in 32 cities and towns of Ukraine. It is not possible to show all the paintings of the artist on one page. The limited number of the paintings shown here can only partly present the multilateral art of the artist who has his own face and who continues the traditions of realistic art.

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